Jain Academic Bowl

The Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington (“JSMW”), the Federation of Jain Associations in North America (“JAINA”) Education Committee, and Young Jains of America (“YJA”) Daytime Programming Committee invite you to participate in the first ever YJA Jain Academic Bowl (“JAB”).

Jain Academic Bowl

Jain Academic Bowl (JAB) is a team competition for young Jains. This competition tests the overall knowledge of Jain philosophy, Jain history, sutras, Tirthankars, revered Jain personalities, the Jain Way of Life, and more, as well as the ability of participants to answer quickly. This competition is in a "jeopardy" type of format. Participant teams "buzz in" to answer questions.

Regardless of prior experience, everyone is encouraged to partake in JAB. There is absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to learn! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at daytime@yja.org.

Good luck to our JAB Semi-Finalists!

JAB Semi-Finalists

Jain Jewels

Jain Jewels

Akhil Ajmera (MD)

Parshva Vakharia (NJ)

Saagar Shah (NJ)

Vishwa Shah (FL)

Breaking Paap

Team 2

Anjali Shah (NJ)

Kanvi Shah (VA)

Romit Nagda (NJ)

Shreyans Munot (MI)

Vitaragi Victors

Team 3

Ayush Jain (MD)

Juhi Nahata (MI)

Mahima Shah (NJ)

Somik Shah (NJ)



Ayushi Sangoi (NJ)

Charmi Vakharia (NJ)

Mitesh Bhalani (GA)

Varun Singhai (MD)

Format and Guidelines

While JAB at YJA will be similar to JAB at previous JAINA conventions, there are several differences. Please read the following instructions very carefully:

  • All participants must be between the ages of 14-21 as of July 3, 2014.
  • All participants will take a 1 hour timed preliminary online test on April 19, 2014 at 3:00 pm EST/2:00 pm CST/1:00 pm MST/12:00 pm PST. Any time conflicts will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Approximately the top sixteen scorers will qualify for the semifinals at the 2014 YJA Convention.
  • The individuals who move on in the competition will be randomly placed into four teams by early May.
  • During Daytime sessions at the 2014 YJA Convention, there will be two semifinal competitions. The top two teams will advance to the final competition, also held during Daytime sessions.
  • Click here for the semi-final and final rules.

About the Test

  • After the registration deadline, participants will receive more details regarding the preliminary test and integrity checks.
  • All questions will come directly from the revised JAB manual.
  • Due to the strict timing and level of difficulty, it is strongly recommended to study beforehand to successfully complete the test.
  • During the test, the only resource available to participants will be the revised JAB manual, which can be downloaded here.

Anish Doshi Anjali Doshi Chintav Shah Siddharth Shah

JAB Administration Team

Your 2014 JAB Administration Team is Anish Doshi (IL), Anjali Doshi (IL), Chintav Shah (NJ), and Siddharth Shah (TX).

Helping them are your 2014 Daytime Programming Committee Co-Leads: Priyal Gandhi (VA), Shikhar Shah (IL), and Harsha Nahata (MI).

Have a question? Please contact daytime@yja.org. See you in July!